Session Planning

We offer session programming for people which can include either 3 or 5 personalised session plans a week emailed or sent over by text/whatsapp.

£30 a month for 3 sessions a week

£40 a month for 5 sessions a week

This may be suitable for:

  • People wanting to take their training to the next level or that have hit a plateaux.
  • Members wanting professional guidance with their training but either don’t have the time for or want to pay for personal training sessions.
  • People that travel and want to have workouts to follow whilst away from the gym.
  • People who want to have home workouts to supplement their training at the gym.
  • For those that want to be held accountable for their training and progress.
  • People that are training for a specific event, half marathon, 10k, wedding, holiday etc.
  • Athletes with specific goals or areas in which they want to improve

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