Matt Dyer

Name? Matt Dyer


Nickname? the gun


Starsign? Taurus


Occupation? Agricultural timber sales


Favourite food? Always craving Haribo, but love a Thai takeaway


Favourite film? David Brent Life on the road


Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere hot outside of the UK


Hobbies and pastimes? Football for Warminster town, annoying the Mrs, putting food In my mouth


Cider or Lager? Sometimes cider sometimes lager, different drinks for different needs


Tea or Coffee? Mix between the two, really loving peppermint tea at the moment


Red or brown sauce? Red


Phobias? Deadlifts


I couldn’t live without my? Car, only because I hate hate hate walking.


How long have you been a member of the gym? Nearly 3 years.


What did you do to keep fit before you joined the gym? Not a great deal, played football a couple of times a week.


What’s your favourite thing to train? Don’t have an exact favourite, but do have many exercises which I hate


Least favourite exercise? Without a shadow of a doubt, Deadlifts.


How often do you train? 3-4 times a week


What are your training goals for 2018? To look like my childhood hero, John Cena


Favorite thing about the gym? Having a laugh whilst getting it done


What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the gym? You will never go to another gym again! Nowhere else will you find the motivational coaches, the welcoming and supportive co-members, the first class equipment. The perfect place for some serious hard work which at the same time will be really enjoyable.

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