Matt Dunford

Name? Matt Dunford


Nickname? Big Man!


Starsign? Virgo


Occupation? Solicitor specializing in Property law.


Favourite food? You cannot beat a good fillet steak and chips.


Favourite film? Has to be Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, or the Fugitive.


Favourite holiday destination? Florida is the best place I have been to, although my dream destination is the Maldives.


Hobbies and pastimes? Rugby and the Gym


Cider or Lager? Somerset born and bred, so always a cider.


Tea or Coffee? I don’t really drink either, but I prefer tea. I’ve probably had 2/3 coffees my entire life.


Bacon Sandwich or Kale Smoothie? 100% bacon sandwich! I’d be suspicious of any one that tells you otherwise.


Phobias? Embarrassingly I actually have a phobia of crumpets! Technically it think it’s called trypophobia and is linked to groups of holes (and may not even be a real phobia!), but crumpets are the trigger that make my skin crawl!!


I couldn’t live without my? Dog. I have a little Staffy, Cozmo, who I treat like an absolute Princess. She also has almost double the amount of followers on her Instagram profile than me…..


How long have you been a member of the gym? Almost 2 years. I joined in April 2016.


What did you do to keep fit before you joined the gym? I used to go to a local gym to do my own weight training and I occasionally went for a run/swim.


Whats your favourite Olympic Lift and your PB for that lift? Probably the Snatch as I am terrible at cleans. My PB is 80kg for the Snatch.


Least favorite exercise? There are a few I am not a fan of in CrossFit to be honest. Burpee box jumps are pretty horrible, but without question running is my least favourite exercise. I genuinely hate it.


How often do you train? I’m training in the gym 5/6 times week at the moment. I do also have rugby training once a week.


What are your training goals for 2018? My main goal is to be able to do a strict pull up. Although generically I want to lose more body fat and add lean muscle. Plus going 12 months without an injury would be a pleasant bonus.


Favorite thing about the gym? The atmosphere. The Armoury is so welcoming and always has been. There is a community feel to it and everyone is polite, friendly, encouraging and willing to help you out if you need it. From the day I did my first taster session for CrossFit I have always felt like the coaches genuinely want you to succeed.


What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the gym? Absolutely go for it. Since I joined up at the Armoury, my life has changed for the better. I have lost weight and got stronger. I feel more confident about myself and a lot heathier. It has helped me in other walks of life as well, for example I have more stamina on the rugby field to add to the extra strength I have gained. My posture has improved, so I no longer slouch at my desk. I have more energy and most importantly I have made so good friends. My job can be pretty stressful, but my best stress reliever is going to the gym. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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