Ashley Caws

Name? Ashley Caws

Starsign? Scorpio

Occupation? HGV mechanic, really cool story actually. I used to drive tanks as a civilian and now I fix them and numerous armoured vehicles for the British army

Favourite food? Coconut rice but mainly everything, sweet or savoury

Favourite film? So many, but gotta love an Adam sandler Film!

Favourite holiday destination? The alps snowboarding

Hobbies and pastimes?

I’m a footballer but like anything to do with sport and being active and anything that helps in the gym.

Currently taken up bouldering which is helping towards a better grip strength.

Cider or Lager? Cider festivals are the best!

Tea or Coffee? Tea for dunking biscuits and coffee for that caffeine fix

Bacon Sandwich or Kale Smoothie? Bacon sarnie all day….brown sauce though!

Phobias? Small spaces

I couldn’t live without my? Porridge and peanut butter in the mornings, sets me up for the rest of the day

How long have you been a member of the gym? Since it opened, needed something different than a normal gym. So yeah over two years now.

What did you do to keep fit before you joined the gym? Again I’m a footballer so was training in the week with games on a Saturday.

Whats your favourite Olympic Lift and your PB for that lift? For me anything over head is rewarding due to being poor in over head movements. But has to be the snatch,currently stuck at 70kg

Just the fact trying to throw your body weight over your head then getting under it sounds awesome.

Least favorite exercise? They all suck when your redlining 😅 but you’ll always see me coming back.

How often do you train? 4-5 times a week

What are your training goals for 2018?

There’s too many to list, mainly snatching 80kg and becoming a more rounded CrossFitter

Favourite thing about the gym?

• The size

• The people ( the hardest thing is getting your arse to the gym so it’s just nice to have people high fiving or a pat on the back after a workout )

  • I also like the fact the owner gets his sweat on in the gym, it’s been a while but you’ll see him jump in on workouts and also improving the place overtime.
  • Same for the coaches taking the classes, they vary from a young Olympic lifter to people that have done crossfit for years. So plenty of information to pick from their brains!

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining the gym?

DO IT, there’s PT if you wanted to train by yourself to the classes provided nightly which is a group session and vary with different types of people and fitness levels.

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